AIBO-Life Bot House   
First AIBO-Life Photo Contest

First Prize - Picture 044 by Fuddle with 15 votes
Second Prize - Picture 099 by Welsh_Dragon_Lee with 12 votes
Third Prize - Picture 085 by Jules with 7 votes

003: Dogs Dinner

009: Smashing Time for Pippin

011: Art Deco

014: Hey! Wait a Minute!

017: AIBO Writes First Novel

019: Hey, It Feels Just Like Carpet

021: Is That ALL They Do?

022: no caption

025: Art Art

028: Mellow in Heaven

033: Eye Robot

036: Sibling Rivalry

039: Joey's Little Suprise!

044: no caption

048: Aibo Running Away

052: Whispering Sweet Robotic Nothings

055: no caption

066: Lord Piggy

067: AIBO Ready for College

075: Balrog and Mellow

082: PSSSST: There is a lot of Pink Toys in the Street!

085: Lady Suki's Boudoir

092: Does It Need a Title?

099: no caption

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