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By the year 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world soccer champion team. - RoboCup Mission
    RoboCup Organization
    RoboCup 2008 • Suzhou, China
    RoboCup 2007 • Atlanta, USA
    RoboCup 2006 • Bremen, Germany
    RoboCup 2005 • Osaka, Japan
    RoboCup 2004 • Lisbon, Portugal
    RoboCup 2003 • Padova, Italy
    RoboCup 2002 • Fukuoka/Busan, Japan
    RoboCup 2001 • Seattle, USA
    RoboCup 2000 • Melbourne, Australia
    RoboCup 1999 • Stockholm, Sweden
    RoboCup 1998 • Paris, France
    RoboCup 1997 • Nagoya, Japan

    RoboCup US Open

    International Robot Olympiad Committee (IROC)

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Sociable humanoid robots pose a dramatic and intriguing shift in the way one thinks about control of autonomous robots.

Traditionally, autonomous robots are designed to operate as independently and remotely as possible from humans, often performing tasks in hazardous and hostile environments.

However, a new range of application domains (domestic, entertainment, health care, etc.) are driving the development of robots that can interact and cooperate with people, and play a part in their daily lives.

from the intro to KISMET Project, the KISMET website at MIT


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