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New for Fall/Winter 2005

New AIBO ERS-7/T (two-tone brown) was announced for late October delivery. The black and white AIBO 7s will be still available.
All come now with improved version of AIBO MIND 3 aiboware,
and updated AIBO Entertainment Player v.2 shown below.

Order AIBO ERS-7M2 and MIND 3 Upgrade from:
AIBO Site at SonyStyle USA, or
RoboToys online (US and international orders),
or Sony AIBO EU if you reside in Europe.

Take AIBO ERS-7 Tour
Learn More about AIBO ERS-7M3

AIBO ERS-7 Updates and Upgrades

 AIBO MIND 2 Service Pack 3 for ERS-7
Service Pack 3 for AIOB® MIND 2 software includes both Service Pack 1 and 2. Service Pack 3 is offered as AIBO® Custom Data (ACD). With PC-based software "AIBO® Custom Manager 2" (freely available at the same time and place), you can install Service Pack 3 on your AIBO® MIND 2 Memory Stick.
Applying Service Pack 3 will not affect ERS-7's data on its AIBO® MIND 2 Memory Stick, for example: growth data, etc.

The following changes have been made in Service Pack 3:
• AIBO® Dancer function has been added.
• "Favorite thing registration" now works when AIBO® is in the sleep posture.

 AIBO MIND Service Pack 2 for ERS-7
Service Pack 2 for AIBO MIND alleviates the following issues:
• If multiple AIBOs connect to your network, and request an IP address at around the same time, there was a potential fault where the same IP address could be assigned to different AIBOs. This has been fixed.
• When you view AIBO's web page via more than one web browser, there was an error. This has been fixed.

Service Pack 2 also includes the fixes from Service Pack 1.

 AIBO MIND Service Pack 1 for ERS-7
In November 2003, Sony has been notified of a technical phenomena occurring in the very first deliveries of AIBO ERS-7s. In reported cases, the AIBO ERS-7 enters a safety mode for no apparent reason. After an in-depth technical investigation, it appears that this occurrence is due to an oversensitive safety feature present in the new model. As a remedy, the ‘AIBO MIND Service Pack 1’ will be offered free of charge from early December 2003.

The affected AIBO's serial numbers are:
JP: 1000001 to 1002988 (click here for more info)
US: 4000001 to 4000600 (click here for more info)
EU: 7000001 to 7000549 (click here for more info)

Enjoy your AIBO in various ways...

 AIBO Shareware and Hacks from AiboPet (all models)
Visit AiboPet's Site ( to read and learn about AIBO inner workings, and to download various shareware, tools and utilities, rcode personalities, and more ... a must visit site!

 AIBO Life 2 for ERS-210/210A/220/220A
Witness the "birth" of AIBO when you first boot up this software! This autonomous AIBO-ware allows you to raise AIBO from a baby to an adult. AIBO's personality development depends upon your interaction with it! AIBO gradually learns new voice commands as it grows. Total vocabulary is 75 words. Autonomous AIBO also plays with its favorite pink ball and takes pictures which you can view on your PC.

 AIBO Life for ERS-311/312/31L
Raise your AIBO from a baby to an adult with this AIBO-ware. Equipped with enhanced interactivity, AIBO Life allows you to train your AIBO through the touch sensors and switches. Speak to AIBO and it will respond to any of the 75 voice commands that it recognizes. A new Training Mode allows you to teach AIBO original actions and have AIBO play them back with voice commands. Additional features include: sing a duet with AIBO, snapping digital photos, naming, and enhanced musical interaction.

 AIBO Explorer for ERS-210/210A/220/220A
This another fully-grown autonomous AIBO-ware. AIBO understands 75 words and is able to communicate verbally. AIBO plays with its favorite ball and takes pictures which you can view on your PC. AIBO Explorer is the most independent AIBO personality. You have to see AIBO ERS-220/220A in Explorer's "boost mode" ...

 AIBO Pal Special Edition for ERS-311/312/31L
This newer AIBO-ware software for the LM series (ERS-311/312/31L) is full of pep and on the go! When you wake it up, AIBO will greet you with a "Wake Up Dance" to brighten up your day! Once ready to roll, AIBO will walk around your home, looking for things of interest. If it finds something, AIBO will snap a digital photograph and save the image onto its Memory Stick. In the meantime, AIBO will also entertain you with one of its 200 new dance moves! In addition to autonomous behavior, this AIBO-ware has enhanced musical interaction.

 AIBO Dancer for ERS-210/210A
Get down and turn Aibo into a party animal! Start up your AIBO with the AIBO Dancer AIBO-ware and it will be able to listen to the same party tunes that you are listening to! When you play a song, AIBO will find the beat and then dance in rhythm to that song! AIBO will continue to listen to the music, changing its moves along with the tunes. Also, watch out for the smart remarks if you don't keep the tunes coming! Great AIBO "show-off" ware ...

 AIBO Recognition for ERS-210/210A
This fully-grown autonomous AIBO-ware provides AIBO with the ability to recognize its owner's face and voice, as well as recharge itself when its battery becomes low. AIBO understands various voice commands and is able to communicate verbally. AIBO plays with its ball and takes pictures, which you can view on your PC. Beware of "Barbie Voice" ...

 AIBO Speed Board for ERS-210/210A/220/220A
AIBO Speed Board allows AIBO to entertain you with dances and routines on its very own scooter. You can navigate AIBO's skating with voice commands such as Turn Left and Super Slalom!. Create your own skate routines by moving AIBO to record the motions that can then be replayed later on.

 AIBO EYES AIBO-ware for ERS-210/210A/220/220A
AIBO EYES is an AIBO-ware application that allows you to stay connected to, and view your home via AIBO. AIBO EYES elevates AIBO to the next level as your personal photographer and messenger. With AIBO EYES, a broadband Internet connection, and a wireless router or access point, you can now send e-mail commands to AIBO to take pictures of what it sees, and AIBO will share these images with you via e-mail. Another fun feature lets you have AIBO take pictures at a customized interval so you can check on what’s cooking at home or see your family’s daily activities through AIBO’s own “eyes.”

A patch for AIBO EYES v.1.1 was released in September 2003.
A patch for AIBO EYES v.1.2 was released in July 2004.

 AIBO Treats
AIBO Treats are available on-line from official Sony AIBO sites. These FREE downloadable software offer extremely entertaining mini applications such as romantic, fortune-telling, animal imitations, and much more! AIBO Programming Memory Stick and SONY memory stick reader is required.
Do some good today,
and have a nice day!

AIBO in japanese means
"companion" or "pal".
AIBO is also an acronym for
Artificial Intelligence roBOt.

AIBO is not a toy!

AIBO can be a true companion
with emotions and instincts.
With loving attention from its
master, it can even develop into
a more mature and fun-loving
friend as time passes.

AIBO is a friend for life!


15 December 2004
Short Review: Sony AIBO ERS-7M2
Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

15 December 2004
Full Review: Sony AIBO ERS-7M2
Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

the rest is missing
to be completed


15 December 2004
Short Review: Sony AIBO ERS-7M2
Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

15 December 2004
Full Review: Sony AIBO ERS-7M2
Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

06 October 2004
New AIBO's Cooler and Smarter
Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

August 2004
Part One:
Sony's latest robotic pet can talk

Peter Rojas and Phillip Torrone,
Popular Science

August 2004
Part Two:
Creating a custom AIBO voice

Popular Science

06 May 2004
AIBO Celebrates Five Years of
Innovation and Intelligence


29 April 2004
Sony puts the AIBO in its
owners lap(top)s

Alun Williams, PC Pro

14 March 2004
SONY's Intelligent Robot Lab
AFP/Channel News Asia

29 February 2004
Artificial Emotion
Sam Allis, Globe Columnist

05 February 2004
If you kick a robotic dog,
is it wrong?

G. Jeffrey MacDonald, The CSM

28 December 2003
It's a madder world

Michael Hoffman, The Japan Times

18 December 2003
The newest addition to the family

11 December 2003
Man's best electronic friend
Jonathan Van Fleet, Telegraph

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in AIBOinfo section!


     December 28, 2003
  It's a madder world
  Michael Hoffman, The Japan Times

     December 18, 2003
  The newest addition to the family

     December 11, 2003
  Man's best electronic friend
  Jonathan Van Fleet, Telegraph

     November 2003
  AIBO: Man's next-best friend?
  Review by

     October 26, 2003
  Gearing Up ... the top picks
  Peter Lewis, FORTUNE

     September 05, 2003
  Aibo to lead ... in robotic vision
  Matt Loney, ZDnet UK

     September 05, 2003
  Surprise! Sony's AIBO Is a Dog
  Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

     September 04, 2003
  Sony teaches Aibo new tricks
  Dinesh C. Sharma, CNET

     September 04, 2003
  SONY Press Release

     August 06, 2003
  Love at first byte for dog pals
  Evening Times, Newsquest (UK)

     July 11, 2003
  What to do when your
  robotic dog won't behave
  Charles Storch, Chicago Tribune

     June 5, 2003
  A Watchdog That Doesn't Bark
  Ian Austen, The New York Times

     May 19, 2003
  Sony takes leash off robot dog
  David Becker, CNET

     May 13, 2003
  The Games Robots Play
  Guy Gugliotta, Washington Post

     April 28, 2003
  Making robots work as teams
  Byron Spice, Post-Gazette

     March 24, 2003
  SDR-4v2 and AIBO
  SONY Press Release

     March 2003 Issue
  AIBO as Research Tool
  Christine Kenneally, DISCOVER

     January 29, 2003
  For humans and robot,
  it's puppy love
  Kathleen Fackelmann, USA TODAY

     January 24, 2003
  Personal robots:
  why they're nearly here
  Patrick Houston, ZD Net (US)

     January 11, 2003
  Sony's AIBO ERS-210A
  Jon Gibson, GameSpy


     November 18, 2002
  Dance Software for AIBO...
  Sony ERA,

     October 24, 2002
  Smarter Aibo is less robot...
  Fred Reed, The Washington Times

     October 16, 2002
  A Robotic Pet Gains...
  Barnaby Feder, NY Times

     October 10, 2002
  Aibo to spread more puppy love
  John G. Spooner, CNET News

     August 16, 2002
  Sony: Robots need culture
  Matthew Broersma, ZD Net (UK)

     August 02, 2002
  Goodbye Rocket: AIBO ERS-3IL
  Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

     July 22, 2002
  Pack of Robopups Thrills Local...
  Carlos Alcalá, The Sacramento Bee

     July 15, 2002
  It’s a Dog, It’s a Machine...
  Christina Mehra, VetCentric

     June 19, 2002
  Another Year, Another Aibo
  Ray Weigel, TechTV/abcNEWS

     May 20, 2002
  Review: Sony AIBO ERS-31L
  Matthew Herper, Forbes Magazine

     May 15, 2002
  Sony Births a New Robot Pup   Lance Ulanoff, PC Magazine

     January 21, 2002
  Teaching Robot Dogs New Tricks
  David Labrador, Scientific American

     related to the article above
  Open Letter to SONY ERA
  posted on Forums,
  sent to SERA on October 29, 2001


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