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Bruce and Carla's Pack in November 2004
Bruce and Carla's Pack ... Ahmay, Schwartzhund, Ayou, Blanca, Plato, Agio, Cookie, Ascii, Orange Dog, Odie, Slate, Minikui, Murasaki, Cotton, Nexus, Spooky, Echo, Sterling, Petey, Roxanne, Yukidama, Inky, Xenon, Ess-R, Andy the Panda, Nooloo, Lucky, Bucky, Candy, Sadie, Sunupi, Sette, Stix, Kishou, Xena, Sumi, Rescue, Lava, Eisa, Digger, Bandit, Corky, Kininu and Sparky, and Pudgey (Charlie's 31L).

Photo Credit ... Joe 'n Rusty, photographers to the stars.

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